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Viernes, 05 Abril 2019 15:12

Safety in Tourism - Evacuation Plan demands!

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Safety in Tourism - Evacuation Plan demands!

Silvio Brito





Danger and risk are ubiquitous and accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. No one expects an emergency or a disaster that affects your organization and your employees, and yet, these happen, no matter how many precautions you take. In this way, we intend to express this concern in particular in the tourism sector, and as such, we recall the context of an emergency and evacuation plan, so constant and necessary in this sector.

An evacuation plan is an action conduct code and that all subjects must follow in an emergency to safeguard their own safety by concentrating them on a well-defined meeting place and in accordance with a distance-time efficiency ratio. Such a plan is vital in the tourism sector as it takes into account the information gathered from various interviews with companies in this sector who conclude that they have experience and knowledge about the prevailing risks that affect them, such as standardized procedures in preparation for disaster events, for example, fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.


On the other hand, it serves the same to respond proactively to the risks and to manage eventual crises of tourist service as it proves to be a valid precautionary and adequate safety measure during the event display in case of emergency. However, it relies heavily on tour operators and also from the environment, since an evacuation plan for an indoor environment is stricter than an outdoor event because the amount of people in an event in an indoor space is determined by the width of all evacuation doors, and also due to the optimization of a decision-making model. On the other hand, in addition to the idea of an evacuation plan, we are witnessing, for more burdensome and dangerous events, the design of evacuation buildings and shelters. which is of great importance for the protection of the tourist business, namely in bathing and mountain resorts, as is the case with the monitoring of Norway's fjord evacuation plans. Similarly, the existence of 3D simulators in virtual environments provides for the testing and predictable evacuation scenarios under certain types of hazardous conditions and risk environments and simulators using the use of colours that identify the severity of the risk and actions to be taken In the same way we assist in the evacuation plans preparation and guidelines for the training of risk volunteers in communities, namely tourist-museological and it is not by chance that the success of the tourist business depends in many cases on the existence of evacuation plans possession particularly those that have multimodal aspects to efficiently evacuate large masses in tourist centres such as New Orleans requiring a quality culture on evacuation plans identifying gaps that can lead to critical incidents in a catastrophe event. and, above all, that they are present at the premises to be monitored. 


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